A new wave of Heavy Metal

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Besides having a thing for computers and mainframes (in lego), I also have a thing for music….. I wrote about my love for Genesis earlier. But I also like listening to hard rock and heavy metal. Especially if I’m alone in the car headbanging (although my hair isn’t long enough for that).

In the 70s (just about the best years in terms of music), the hard rock of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin was somewhat replaced by the new punk rock of the Sex Pistols and The Clash. But by the late 70s and early 80s hard rock reinvented itself. Inspired by punk, all kinds of new bands emerged, such as Iron Maiden, Saxon, Motörhead and Def Leppard, who combined the hard rock sound of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath with the energy of the punk rock scene. And didn’t shy away from a more pop sound either……. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Just as hard rock reinvented itself and adapted to the changed world, it is important that in the mainframe world we reinvent and adapt ourselves too… It is often said that certain solutions do not work on the mainframe. I think that is nonsense. Nothing stands in our way (technically) from implementing all kinds of modern solutions and insights on the mainframe as well. At ICU we are busy doing just that by looking at data-oriented infrastructures in a hybrid-cloud world combining modern mainframe technology with on-prem or public cloud environments.  This is how we are working towards a “New Wave of Heavy Metal”.

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