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>> ICU IT Services organized an interesting meeting about Linux, SUSE and System Z on Tuesday, September 22, 2015.

As you might have noticed IBM is focussing more and more on Linux and is bringing their System Z strategy in tune. A mayor development is the introduction of IBM’s LinuxONE, positioned by IBM as the best server for Enterprise Linux applications. And notice that they no longer use the word ‘mainframe’ as this is a Linux only system. Coming with LinuONE more and more open source tools and applications are supported. Did you know, IBM is one of the largest contributors to the open source community?!

Program ICU Technical Meeting

In our technical meeting on September 22, we focused on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) in combination with z Systems and LinuxONE. Specialists from SUSE explained the details and specifics of SUSE Linux in combination with Z Systems/ LinuxONE. The following topics were on our agenda for this meeting:

– Differences between Linux on x86 and Z Systems
– Tips & tricks / do’s & don’ts / lessons learned about installing Linux on Z
– Performance Linux on Z versus Linux on x86

This has been an ‘open’ session. Linux, mainframe and open source, LinuxONE or Z Systems enthousiasts like us signed up for this informative technical meeting.



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