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LinuxONE Linux>> On Monday August 17, 2015 at LinuxCon in Seattle IBM introduced their new LinuxONE solution: A combination of hardware, software and services for enterprise Linux environments. But is this really something new?


”Unleashing the full potential of Linux”

IBM’s LinuxONE solution consists of 2 new enterprise servers: The LinuxONE Emperor and the LinuxONE Rockhopper. Everyone who is familiar with IBM’s z Systems servers will recognize these servers immediately. The servers look exactly the same as the z13 mainframes IBM introduced earlier this year. Many companies already use these z13 servers for Linux solutions next to their existing z/OS applications. New is that the Emperor and Rockhopper are specifically meant for running Linux workloads.

But probably the most important news from IBM: Next to the already supported Suse and RedHat Linux distributions, also Ubuntu is made available on the platform. And we can forget about building knowledge of z/VM because KVM is also made available as Hypervisor.

Of course you can use all the regular Linux tools, languages and databases that we are used to. So when you want to use tools like Openstack, Docker, Chef or Puppet or runtimes like Ruby, PHP, Python or Node.JS: It is all possible! Next to DB2 and Oracle there is now support for all the other popular databases like MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. And IBM is working hard to get support for other tools as well. All this will run on servers that are specifically designed for the high requirements of companies regarding scalability, speed, availability and security. 



“LinuxONE: Order what you need, pay for what you use”

Is there a need to migrate when everything is running to satisfaction? It should at least be cheaper then. So what is all of this going to cost? IBM says it is all going to be better, faster and cheaper but is this always true? The most important thing IBM has to say about this is: “Order what you need; Pay for what you use”. That does promise something with regards to scalability and cost. But it is not clear yet how this is going to work in practice and it is to early to say something about this.

Of course within ICU we are going to look into this and will get back on this topic in a later stage!

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