ICU goes Vegas

IBM Edge 2016


Edge 2016>> On invitation by IBM ICU was – represented by Ron Eland and Johan Schelling – present at the IBM Edge 2016 conference in Las Vegas (September 19-22). Edge is the annual conference organized by IBM about new technologies such as cloud, analytics, mobile and security.

Together with Eric Aquaronne from IBM, Johan gave a presentation about the growing importance of Linux for large enterprises.


Eric showed, backed by figures, that Linux is a force to be reckoned with within modern ICT environments. Johan explained the ICU strategy regarding Linux and the plans with regard to z/OS and Linux(ONE) to the around 100 attendees.


Besides this presentation al lot of sessions were attended. The most important topics from these sessions were: API’s and microservices, Hybrid Cloud (with Openstack and Docker) and realtime analytics (with Apache Spark …. also available on z/OS!). Also a lot of networking was done, mostly with IBM-ers on the different topics that are important to the ICU strategy.


Most important conclusions from this week in a warm Vegas:

  • – At ICU we are running up front in using all kinds of modern tools. As a result of this the technical sessions are not always that interesting.

  • – People are very impressed by our combined knowledge and experience on z/OS and Linux (on both Z and x86). It appears that at a lot of companies it is still a struggle to bring these two world closer together.ICU demo omgeving

  • – All topics that we want to show in our demo-environment are hot topics: Centralized data storage (combined with analytics), API’s and microservices, (private) cloud solutions with Openstack or Docker and integration of appliations in a Hybrid Cloud (private in combination with public cloud solutions).

  • – API’s en Microservices are the “must-haves” when you’re talking about modernizing appliations.

  • – IBM puts its money on cooperation with business partners: They need their BP’s to market real business solutions using their products.


Last but not least: Las Vegas is very impressive when you see it for the first time. Everyting is big, bigger and biggest. But underneath this impressive look you actually see a world for which there’s only one word: fake!


Author: Johan Schelling
Almere, 25 October 2016



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