IBM’s Mainframe in 2025

Mainframe_CompuwareIBM’s Mainframe in 2025!

An interesting paper called “Mainframe Excellence 2025 written by Compuware about the future of IBM’s Mainframe. We agree with a number of quotes from it and would like to share the following with you:

  • The mainframe is a “cloud service” that delivers transaction processing and data management power.
  • The mainframe is an indispensable platform for success in the performance economy.
  • IT leaders can gain competitive advantage by ensuring their access to essential mainframe skills.

“Studies confirm that most companies using mainframes plan on continuing to do so for at least another decade. Often, their most valuable applications reside on the mainframe, making the mainframe application portfolio a singularly important repository of high-value intellectual property. Yet, Millennials, who are increasingly taking C-level positions, tend to have little or no experience with this application portfolio — having focused instead on distributed, web and mobile technologies. With the right long-term strategy, these next-generation IT leaders can leverage their mainframe application portfolios in ways that generate transformative business value and competitive advantage for the next 10 to 15 years — and beyond”.

ICU loves to challenge this next-generation of leaders! In an inspiring way we offer insights into the opportunities of corporate infrastructure solutions. It is not about “new technology” or “legacy”, but about long-term opportunities that enable your organisation to grow. We are looking forward to your 2025 vision. Dare we challenge you?


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