Challenging IT


Our challenge is to use IT infrastructures to their best advantage and in the most cost-effective way. A lot more can often be done both technically and functionally.

We help companies to implement an optimally designed infrastructure that best fits their needs. This calls for a strategy that looks from the outside in. Sometimes it is best to let go of the past and look at matters with a new, fresh pair of eyes. It is crucial to let go of existing structures, dare to change and think differently.

By critically analysing the existing processes and implementing changes where necessary, we ensure infrastructures are used as they were intended: ‘power for your business’.


About ICU


ICU IT Services was founded in 1999 by a couple of IT specialists who made their mark in infrastructure within a large Dutch bank. Entrepreneurs in spirit and with aspirations to help more businesses improve and make smarter use of IT, they took on a new challenge.

In the last 15 years ICU has put itself on the map as the specialist in the field of complex IT infrastructures. By infrastructure we mean all IT components that ensure interaction between platforms and applications. More particularly, we focus on data streams, data storage, design and implementation of applications and systems, security, disaster recovery and optimisation of environments. We have made a clear choice to support applications-based and technical infrastructures.

We challenge, dare to say ‘no’ and keep our promises. This approach ensures we have satisfied customers and happy colleagues. We notice that more and more ‘infrastructure heroes’ are willing to connect with us. People who, like us, believe that there is always room for improvement. On the basis of substantive knowledge, courage and perseverance!




First-time visitors to ICU always need some time to get used to our set-up. The informal atmosphere, the short, direct lines of communication, our sense of humour. It is different and less business-like than what people expect. ICU is one of a kind and we are proud of that fact. We remain true to ourselves. We want to act differently to others, because only then would we achieve something different than the others.

We challenge each other to look differently at the things we do before we actually do them. We challenge our clients to look differently at their IT environment. 

To experience for yourself what the ICU culture stands for, we invite you to visit us in Almere, The Netherlands. Some things simply can’t be explained, but step inside and you’ll understand the us immediately!


Core team of ICU

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RonRon Eland

Managing Partner

JohanJohan Schelling

Managing Partner


MoniqueDMonique Dolleman

HRM & Finance

MoniqueJ09Monique Jongerden

Marketing & Sales




Chino Beudeker



Hannan Bacour

Hannan Bacour

Office Manager


PhilinePhiline Veldhuijsen

Recruitment Consultant